Silver Tag Bears – Theo Collection 5


Silver Tag® Bears by Suki are high quality, collectible, unique and truly special teddy bears; the perfect gift for children and grown-ups alike! Each bear is 1 of 1500 pieces around the world and each has handcrafted finishing touches to ensure that no two bears are the same; they are all totally unique!

Key features that each bear has includes

Silver Tag® Bears fabric logo on his or her left foot pad
A hand numbered certificate of authenticity which hands from the neck of the bear
A traditional pronounced hump on his or her back
Heavily weighted with beans
Has moveable joints to arms, legs and head
Made from luxurious high quality fabrics and include beautiful multi-tonal plush.
For easy transportation each bear comes in his or her very own carry box and sits comfortably surrounded by tissue paper, not forgetting the air holes!